Set of Triangle Floating Shelf


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Set of Triangle Floating Shelf

Discover the Set of Triangle Floating Shelf, a decorative, functional and versatile accessory with which you will be able to dress the walls of your home with a modern and sophisticated touch. A geometric composition of two triangles that you can place in the way that best suits your space. Made of Beech wood , Belkis is a faithful representative of the natural style that combines seamlessly in rooms with Nordic or boho decoration, blending in and subtly highlighting without overloading the space.

At Farsha we are committed to a sustainable furniture model with natural finishes and without chemical treatments or varnishes, preserving the brands and identity of the material itself. To preserve the beauty of paulownia wood, we recommend protecting the product and regular maintenance with specific products. The hardware for anchoring or fastening to the wall is not included.

In some cases, the imagery, measurements and colours, as well as their names, are merely for reference. Everything perceived on the screen can be altered by many factors, which are: the screen calibration, the ambience lights, the viewing angle, etc. If the customer wants to know these details he should consult our technical service, as returns for technical reasons will be at his expense.

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